4 Things You Didn't Know Would Help You Sell

Inspections, Appraisals, & Title Work

1 Inspections The types of inspections that you'll choose will be determined by the house that you're buying. We'll discuss the options to figure out which ones you want and need to get. Not only will you want inspections, our loan type may require certain ones. The most important inspection is ... READ the POST

Top 4 Most Commonly Used Loan Types

1 VA (Veterans Affairs) - A VA Loan is a great choice for anyone that qualifies. You'll need to have VA eligibility for this one but it offers a Zero Down option which is really nice! With this option, it's possible to buy a house with less than $1000 out of pocket! Note: I am a MRP (Certified ... READ the POST

7 Reasons Why Every Homebuyer Needs Owner’s Title Insurance

7 Reasons why every home buyer needs owner's title insurance. Guest written by Maryland Trust Title & Escrow, LLC for Christina Porter Wolfrum, © Buying a home is an exciting and emotional time for many people. To help you buy your home with more confidence, make sure ... READ the POST