4 Things You Didn't Know Would Help You Sell

Navigating Multiple Offers for Buyers and Sellers

You may be surprised to hear what it is that sets buyers apart when competing in a multiple offer situation. In today’s Southern Maryland Real Estate market, you must understand the factors that go into creating a winning offer! The combination of low interest rates and a very low supply of homes has created a perfect environment for multiple offers. Whether you are buying or selling, I went live to tell you how to WIN when there is a lot of competition. Watch the video to learn more!

In the video, I’ll discuss the following features of an offer that can make or break you in a multiple offer situation.

  • Price – You must go all in. This isn’t the time for negotiating low ball offers. Your best price with the lowest possible request for closing assistance is a must.
  • Contingencies – The fewer contingencies you include the better. Make it a clean offer!
  • Home inspections – Tighten up your inspection timeline to the shortest possible window. Also, eliminate any unnecessary inspections. Watch the video for a full explanation on why this is so important.
  • Closing date – Usually a quick closing date will get you brownie points. Talk to your agent about how quickly you could close. Your lender and your loan type will help you determine what to offer here.
  • YOUR TEAM! – Your AGENT matters. Your LENDER matters. Your TITLE company matters. This is the #1 way to win in a multiple offer situation. Have a great team with a great reputation for getting buyers and sellers TO THE CLOSING TABLE! A sparkling offer is great but it really doesn’t matter what’s included if the sale does not go through. The team you work with matters and I go into this more in the video.

Today I submitted an offer on a home with multiple offers. When I called the listing agent to confirm receipt, she didn’t ask me what the offer price was. She didn’t ask me about closing help or inspections.

She asked me:

  1. Who are you? (She knew who I was and was familiar with my reputation)
  2. Who is the LENDER? (Another brownie point because I work with THE BEST)
  3. That’s it… Choosing the right team is truly the #1 way to win when buying or selling a home.

Please contact me to discuss your situation and to get started on the winning path to a successful home sale!

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