4 Things You Didn't Know Would Help You Sell

A Virtually Friendly Listing

Things are changing. For those of you that are thinking about selling your Southern Maryland home, things are changing for the better. You have important decisions to make and I’m here to make it all a bit easier. This new buying and selling world is full of new technologies, new processes, and important health & safety procedures.

I’m excited to be at the forefront and I thrive during change. I want to work with you and I want to see you through to a happy and profitable sale.

A key feature of a successful sale is perfecting your digital presence and your digital “friendliness”. Let me break down the pieces that make up a digitally friendly listing:

Professional Photography

High quality photography is no longer optional, it’s an absolute necessity. Crisp, clear, accurate photos will attract the right buyer and give them the viewpoint that they need.

Muli-format Aerial & Interior Videography

With the downward trend in foot traffic (not sales), it has never been more important to have great aerial and interior videos. I am using video in so many ways and having amazing, multiple formats of your listing video is no exception. Optimizing the style and length for each platform that I use it an important piece to the overall plan to attract, engage, and secure the perfect buyer.

Virtual Open Houses & Live Stream Events

Before COVID, open houses were already on the decline. With the increased availability of digitized information, fewer buyers were already making the open house “rounds”. I’ve been doing different versions of virtual, live streaming open houses for several years but now they are starting to truly replace the in-person, public open house. Using live streaming technology, I can allow access and be available to answer on-site questions without having a crowd of people in your home. Buyers LOVE it. This method is taking over and it works!

Professionally Written Descriptions & Advertisements

What we say matters! Having a compelling description of your home that paints a picture of life there is incredibly important. I use multiple versions of your property’s description to rotate and freshen the listing as well as to optimize the features of different platforms. For instance, every 1-2 weeks I’ll rotate photos and the description of the MLS listing. Secondly, I’ll manually enhance the information on 3rd party sites, such as Zillow, to make sure that we are taking advantage of the full capabilities on each marketing platform.

Not only is it important to have great descriptions, it’s also important to have eye catching and engaging verbiage on all advertisements, most importantly on Facebook & Instagram. (psst – this is my specialty and you may be surprised to know that it’s highly likely that this is where I’ll find your buyer!)

A Dedicated, Solo Website to Showcase Your Home

When we catch the attention of the right buyer, we have to have somewhere to send them for more information. A “single property website” is the perfect place. Here we’ll:

  • Showcase your homes best features through pictures, video, and that amazing description that we discussed.
  • Provide interactive tools that allow home shoppers to get more information and provide a way for me to follow up with them.


All of these items are equally important and must be strategically crafted and expertly executed in order to result in a successful sale.

The bad news – most agents are not equipped to handle the new real estate environment that we are entering into.

The good news – I’m not only heavily equipped, I’m excited to be at the forefront of these new technologies and I thrive during change. I want to work with you and I want to see you through to a happy and profitable sale.

Call or text me to talk about your next move! 240.587.1687

I'm excited to be at the forefront and I thrive during change. I want to work with you and I want to see you through to a happy and profitable sale.

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