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10 Questions You MUST Ask When Interviewing A Listing Agent (& My Answers!)

The Southern Maryland Agent that you use can make or break you! I know this sounds dramatic, but I really mean it. This is a big deal and it’s important to be able to make an informed decision when you select your listing agent. Each agent has a different skill set, experience level, motivation, and dedication to excellence. No two are the same! So I’ve put together the top 10 questions that you should ask when interviewing your next listing agent as well as MY answers to each of them.

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1. How familiar are you with the area?

I’ve spent over 20 years in Southern Maryland! I grew up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, moved away as a young adult and returned to settle down and raise a family. This is my home. I know it and I love it! I’ve sold homes in every nook and cranny of this beautiful section of Maryland and I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge along the way. (Psst… That’s me! 🙂 cute, huh??)

2. What is your LIST to SELL ratio?

In other words, what percentage of the homes that you list, do you actually sell?

When you decide to list your home with me, you can feel confident that I’ll do what it takes to get it sold.  Very, and I mean very, few of the homes that I list, fail to sell.  My List-to-Sold ratio is 92%!

3. What is your list to sales price average?

Overall, my clients get an average of 99.4% of their list price.  So far in 2019, 33% of the homes that I have listed, have sold for equal to or more than list price.

4. What is your average time on the market?

Over the last 12 months, the homes I list have averaged 33 days on the market from the time they list to the time they sell. 

5. What’s included in your services?

  • A custom & highly targeted PRE-LAUNCH marketing campaign followed by a full-scale active listing PRODUCT LAUNCH
  • Generate interest, follow-up, and turn leads into showings
  • Conduct Showings
  • Collect offers
  • Negotiate the best terms possible
  • Facilitate inspections and the appraisal
  • Troubleshoot any obstacles, problems or issues
  • Weekly (or daily) check-ins with all other parties involved in the transaction: Lender, Inspectors, Buyer’s agent, Contractors, Title company and/or attorney, Etc.
  • Maintain all timelines, perform all my duties, and prompt you when your attention is needed.
  • I also ensure that all other parties involved are adhering to the timelines.
  • Ensure a smooth path to the closing table by reviewing all closing documents for completion and accuracy, answering your questions, and confirming all details for your final settlement.
  • Whatever else is needed!

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6. How will you market my home?

Ok, so here’s my secret sauce ;-).  Here’s how I bring you the results you want, in less time, and more efficiently than what’s considered normal. I don’t treat your home like just another house going into the MLS. Nope! I treat it like a full-on product launch. I break it into four phases where each phase is crafted to bring unique results and serve a unique purpose. It starts with an in depth, list building, highly targeted campaign and it ends with a sold sign and a big smile!

Some highlights include:
  • Expertly tailored social media campaigns
  • Professional photography & videography
  • Fully optimized usage of the traditional home search engines
  • Professionally written and edited property descriptions, captions, and advertisements.
  • So much more!

7. What are your hours?

I operate from 3 different offices, my home, and my car. So, if you need me, we’ll set an appointment in the location that works best for you.  My schedule is a little different than normal “office hours”.  I work between the hours of 7am and 7pm Monday through Saturday.  I check messages on Sundays and respond to urgent items while rolling the rest over to Monday so that I can devote my time and attention to my family. 

8. Does this contract include a cancellation clause?

Absolutely! I have a satisfaction guaranteed* clause in all of my contracts. If you feel I’m not fulfilling my contractual obligations or if your circumstances change, you can be released from the contract! (I have a pretty great track record and a ton of really happy clients so I’m confident you won’t need this!)

9. How often will we be in touch?

You’ll hear from me at least once a week with an update on your listing.  You’ll get the latest information on where we are in the marketing plan, any showing feedback that has been received, and any recommendations or changes that need to be made.  In addition to this, you’ll be able to reach me at least 6 days a week by phone, text, or email.  I like to keep the conversation going so that you are “in the loop” every step of the way.

10. What’s the biggest challenge you think we’ll face?

This is one of the most important questions you’ll ask.  Most agents shy away from it because they either don’t know how to answer it or feel like they are going to insult you by being honest.  You won’t find that with me. One of the very first things that I like to do is to identify the things that buyers will find fault in.  If I am not prepared to handle an objection or complaint, then I’ll have no way to overcome it.  Every house has something and a buyer will find it!  While I cannot answer this question without becoming familiar with your home, I can say that I would identify one or more things so that I could be prepared to address it. 


  • A room that doesn’t have a clear purpose.  I would brainstorm ideas for creative ways to use the space that a buyer may not think of.
  • Commute concerns – I would be prepared with distances to common work locations and pair this with local commuter routes, park and rides, commuter bus options, ride shares, metro schedules, etc.
  • Backyard noise or privacy issues – Have HOA approved fencing selected and on display in the form of a flyer or a list of fast growing evergreen trees.

I’m sure you have an Uncle Joe or a friend’s kid that just got their license… Maybe you have a friend that has been “doing” real estate for years… am I right? That’s great but are they qualified to get you the results that you need, in the shortest amount of time possible? Can they answer these questions? Do those answers indicate that they can deliver what you need? Don’t fall into the guilt trap on this one. It’s your biggest financial investment. It’s important… isn’t it?

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*Conditions apply and will be outlined in the cancellation clause. Also, the statistics provided in this post are accurate at the date that this post was created and will change over time.

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